May 08, 2022 4 min read

If you’ve ever felt alienated by — or abnormal because of — your anxiety, we first want to say this:you are not alone.

Anxiety is universal. In fact, the ​​Anxiety & Depression Association of America has identified that anxiety is staggeringly common — especially in the United States. Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the US age 18 and older — 18.1% of the population — every year. 

“OK cool, so I’m not a total wacko for having anxiety; but like…what do I do with it?” 

Valid question. 

We’ll start with how to find the best incense for anxiety (because science says it helps and we…happen…to agree), but we aren’t just here to sell you something. We recommend you seek out complementary approaches that will help you harness the power and peace of yourwhole self to manage — or maybe even overcome — your anxiety. 

The Mind 


We get this question all. the. time: what’s the best incense for anxiety? 

First off, let’s get this straight: incense isn’t just mystically powerful —it’s scientifically proven. A 2008 study discovered that incensole acetate, a component of incense, actually activates TRPV3 channels in the brain. This study discovered that, among other tasks, those TRPV3 channels play a role in regulating emotion.

Plainly put, incense is actually working with your brain to help calm you down and regulate your mood. 

Now that we know incense-for-anxiety isn’t just a concept for the woo-woos, let’s talk about thebest incense for anxiety.

Lavender scented incense types are excellent for creating a warm and calming space. Lavender’s therapeutic use dates back to the medieval period. Since that time, it’s been a popular choice for homeopathic remedies and concoctions designed to treat anxiety and sleep disorders.

Lotus incense is also a great choice. Lotus has been used to achieve emotional clarity by mystics and practitioners of yoga alike — and, once again, science agrees. Blue Lotus, also called the blue water lily, has proven pain relieving properties and has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years.

Patchouli is another classic type of incense that has a long tradition of delivering calming energy. Patchouli is known for promoting focus while engaging in bodywork, like yoga.

Last but not least, lemongrass — a truly potent healer — has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and has been known to help relieve nausea. (It also happens to be a favorite of our co-founder, Grace.)

A blue lotus flower, a scent used in some of the best incense for anxiety.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation’s popularity in mainstream culture has skyrocketed in recent years — particularly in a world A.C. (After Corona) — and it’s excellently complemented by incense. As with crystal work, taking time to light your preferred incense before meditation can help connect you with that meditative mindset and energy before you even begin.


CBD works with your Endocannabinoid system to help keep you calm, collected, and focused. It’s best to pair CBD with what you already do to unwind and attain mindfulness. Perhaps you have a favorite tea? Brew up a cup and enhance relaxation with full-spectrum (or THC free!) CBD.

Hemp flowers, a great base for the best incense for anxiety.

The Spirit 


Astrology can be a powerful tool for decoding the world around us. It’s a system for understanding how the celestial realms affect us in our daily lives. 

Just remember: Anxiety is not a contract signed in the stars without your input. When you go to astrology, use it as a guide to make choices that empower you. Don’t look at it as a fate you’re resigned to. 


Crystals are commonly used in reiki, but that doesn’t mean they’re only helpful in the hands of a trained complementary health practitioner. There arehundredsof different crystals — all with their own applications and benefits — and with just alittle know-how, you can harness that power and peace all on your own. 

Whether you simply keep clean, charged crystals in your handbag or car for an on-the-go boost, engage with a reiki healer, or practice intentional healing rituals on your own, crystals can be a contributor to your holistic approach to coping with anxiety. 

Crystals are great complements to the best incense for anxiety.

The Body


Creating, maintaining, and mindfully going about a routine will do your body, mind, and spirit wonders. The best part? What that routine looks like is completely up to you! Our COO Emma’s  calming routine typically begins in the morning with a full glass of room temperature water, a short bout of movement (such as a walk or dynamic stretching), and lighting incense with a lavender or lotus-based fragrance while she gears up for the work day ahead. 

Grace, ruli’s co-founder, performs this calming ritual in the evening after workwithout fail: a nice stretch, lighting a stick of peppermint or lemongrass incense, turning on some classical music, and snuggling into the couch with her favorite pillows to read for pleasure, for precisely one hour. (While peppermint isn’t listed above as one of the best incenses for anxiety, sometimes it truly is a matter of personal preference!)

Emma’s routine and Grace’s don’t look the same, but it’s what works forus as individuals. (Yes, we both have anxiety. In fact Grace might bemadeof anxiety.)

Stretching, Yoga, & Breathing

A great way to gently introduce yoga into your routine is by finding a single dynamic pose or two — and then live in those stretches. Bhujangasana, or Cobra Pose, is a fantastic dynamic stretch that’s non-prohibitive for most newbies and easy to integrate with any routine.

Alternate nostril breathing (or nadi shodhana pranayama) is an excellent strategy for breathing intentionally as a therapeutic exercise. It’s rehab from the day before and prehab for the day ahead! 

This is such a powerful approach that, in 2017, Hillary Clinton told Business Insider that she uses alternate nostril breathing as a method to remain calm and collected. (And we’re pretty sure it was stressful as hell to be Hillary Clinton, post-2016.)

A picture of a woman doing yoga, which is good to do while burning the best incense for anxiety.

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